A December to Remember

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A December to Remember - Hamper No. 3

Item Quantity
Dilmah Tea Bag Prem 25s 1
Kist Tomato Sauce 400g 1
Nescafe Classic Bib 50g 1
Sunquick Guava & Strawberry 330ml 1
Scan Jumbo Peanuts 70g 2
Delish Jelly Crystal Strawberry 100g 2
Ritzbury Choco-Mo 220g 1
Maggi Noodles 2-Minn Chicken 146g 1
Munchee Cheese Button 170g 1
Diamond Tuna Sunflower Oil 185g 1
MD Chutney Original Mango 300g 1
Christmas Cake 80g- (Piece) 2
Eristoff Triple Distilled Vodka 750ml 1
Carlsberg Premium Pilsner 330ml Can 2

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