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LINK Paspanguwa,  25g
DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid, 1 litre
PANADOL Tablets, 144s
DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid, 210ml
DETTOL Plaster, 10s
DETTOL Plaster, 10s
Sale priceRs 200.00
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SIDDHALEPA Asamodagam Spirit, 385ml
DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid 110ml
DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid,  500ml
MORISONS Gripe Mixture, 100ml
SETHSUWA, Paspanguwa, 30g
ENO Orange Flavour 5*5g
LINK  Samahan Sachet, 30's
DUREX Condoms Fetherlite, 3s
VICKS Vaporub, 50ml
VICKS Vaporub, 50ml
Sale priceRs 815.00
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TOP LINE Spectacle Face Shield, 1's
TOP LINE 3ply Non Surgical Masks, 25's
TOP LINE KN95 Masks Without Filter, 10's
IODEX, 18g
IODEX, 18g
Sale priceRs 210.00
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TOP LINE KN95 Masks Without Filter Colour, 10's
MORISONS Valmelix Cough Syrup, 100ml
OXYPURA Care Face Mask
OXYPURA Junior Face Mask
TOP LINE Face Shield Kids Spectacle Type, 1s
TOP LINE Masks Without Filter Black, 10's
AXE Oil, 10ml
AXE Oil, 10ml
Sale priceRs 790.00
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Nirvana Paspanguwa 25Mg Beverages
Vicks Vaporub 25G Health & Beauty
VICKS Vaporub, 25g
Sale priceRs 376.00 Regular priceRs 470.00
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Baraka Diabsol Adv Caps 30S Health & Beauty
BARAKA Diabsol Adv Caps, 30's
Sale priceRs 608.00 Regular priceRs 760.00
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Bees Line Garcinia Capsules 150Ml Health & Beauty

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