Soya meats

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
LANKASOY Soy Chicken, 90g
LANKA SOY Curry, 90g
Fortune Soya Chicken Flavour  90G Groceries
Fortune Soya Fish Ambulthiyal Flavour  90G Groceries
Lankasoy Soya Regular 90G Groceries
LANKASOY Soya Regular, 90g
Sale priceRs 109.00 Regular priceRs 145.00
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Lankasoy Vegesoy Polos Curry 90G Groceries
LANKASOY Vegesoy Polos Curry, 90g
Sale priceRs 119.00 Regular priceRs 155.00
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Lankasoy Chickosoy Roast Chicken 90G Groceries

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